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For Rick Perry, it’s not what he knows.
It’s WHO he knows.

Although he hasn’t had an ordinary job during the last 25 years of his political career, Rick Perry’s struck it rich. And it’s all thanks to a handful of shady ‘property transaction’ deals made behind closed doors.

When Perry vetoed protection against eminent domain abuse, many Texas property owners first learned about his appetite for other people’s property. Here’s what many of them didn’t know. It turns out he likes to keep some of the goods for himself…at least long enough to turn a cool profit.

How? Well, it never hurts to have friends like:

These three deals alone have made Perry over a million bucks in profit! And if you believe they were all made at “arms-length”, Perry’s got some beachfront property in Haskell to sell you.

So, who wants to be a millionaire? Rick Perry can show you how!
Now, let’s see what’s behind those doors…